Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Boat building & related classes are planned for the last week in November through December.  Refer to Class pull-down page.

Normally, ACMC holds classes in the Winter & early Spring -- before on-water activity begin.  In the past, ACMC has presented classes & workshops on boat building, navigation, basic electrical systems on small boats, corrosion, knot tying, trips to Alaska & the San Juan Islands, etc.

We are always looking for people (professionals in the maritime trades, teachers, or people who simply want to share their maritime experiences) to LEAD a class, Saturday workshop, etc.  For more information, please contact Lyndon Greene 299-9075.

viking talkFIELD TRIPS

Did you know ACMC occasionally takes field trips to interesting places?  Of course, these field trips are related to maritime or marine related activities.  There're fun.  The are an important part of our education effort.  For a list of planned field trips in 2012, go to the pull down screen under Field Trips.


What is a messabout?  Well, it is exactly what the word described.  You & a host of friends put your small boat in the water & mess about for the day -- normally a Saturday when the winds are light but steady.   For the past two years, ACMC has hosted two messabouts during the year.  This year, we were the first people to take advantage of the new small boat facilities at the Cap Santa Boat Haven in Anacortes.  We put some 11 small boats on the wate hosted a delicious lunch for 23 rowers & sailors.  For several years now, we have hosted a messabout at Bowman Bay at our annual summer picnic.

It's a lot of fun.  Plus, everyone has an opportunity to get out on the water.  We also get to row or sail some really fine small boats.  In addition, ACMC has partnered with the Traditional Small Craft Association (TSCA - Puget Sound) to sponsor a messabout locally,  or some ACMC members visit the TSCA messabouts held throughout the year at different places around Puget Sound, for example, Gig Harbor, Port Townsend, or Seattle.

Of course, we invite you to join us.

traverller resizedSTUDY GROUP

This is something new we started at the end of 2011.

If you have a particuliar topic or subject you would like to study in a small group, join a study group.  Go to the Study Group pull down buttom for possible ideas.  Currently, we have a Study Group planned for this winter.  Entitled - Introduction To Small Boats & Traditional Small Craft.  You will find more information about this class...time, place, etc., under CLASSES.


This is our way to promote the very special Maritime Book & Map Collection at the Anacortes Library.  This is a wonderful collection of books, maps, etc., from a generous donner.    Each month (hopefully) we will include a review of a book in this collection.  And sometimes, we will review on Our Blog.  Again, scroll down to the Book Review button & start reading.  In this way, perhaps we can entice you to support this wonderful gift by checking out a book!


This is also something new this year.  Wooden Boat magazine and Professional Boat Builder are two magazines who provide invaluable information to the boat owner, builder, sailor, etc.  In short, it is required reading.  Past issues are a collection item.  And, ACMC has access to a full set compliment of Andy Stewart, Jim Taylor, and Erica Picket.  We hope you will enjoy it!

Anacortes Community Maritime Center

Our mission is to build a community where good friends meet to celebrate, learn, and preserve our rich maritime traditions and explore our connection with the waters of Puget Sound.